Seeing through a New Lens

I have a new camera

And a brand new lens,

(Several, I should confess).

And my eyes, ageing as they are,

See more clearly than before,

Through my new lens.

I see the light and shade and

Sunlight dancing,

And flare and glare

Like horses prancing.

(It’s really the waves, caught in

The sun’s first magical rays.)

In the golden hour

Rich reds burn the sky,

Bursting and exploding,

Crimson, and magenta,

Vermillion fire.

The sky is ablaze.

I see soft tones and pale light

As I go out in the half-light

And the twilight,

The pinks, greys and blues,

Dappled tones in a gentle sky

As the night falls.

I thrill at the colours,

The richness of night,

Ordinary and extraordinary,

Sea and sky blackening,

Full moon and stars shining

As darkness cloaks the land.

Stormy skies I love the most.

Dark thunder-clouds loom,

Giant waves crash on rocks,

Thrilling, frightening,

Changing nature’s beauty

To even greater beauty.

Was it always there,

This remarkable world?

So rich and so rare,

So lovely to behold.

Was I just a little blind

Before I had my new lens?

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