A Tribute to my Teachers!

Since buying my first ‘proper’ camera three years ago, I have been blessed to have discovered wonderful teachers of photography, who have guided me on this colourful journey. The first of these was Paul Edmunds, in Provence, France. My husband was spending a week learning French and I decided to do a live-in photography course. It began my love of photography, and those first photos are still very special. Since that time I have taken part in numerous workshops with a number of professional photographers, who have given me the confidence and skill to enjoy my photographic journey.

In alphabetical order, (I couldn’t possibly rank them any other way), I would like to thank Derry Caulfield, Matt Krumins, Tom Putt and Dale Rogers for their generosity and brilliant teaching. I can recommend all these photographers highly. Quite apart from the skills I’ve acquired, (and I still have a lot to learn), they have introduced me to beautiful places for taking photos in this amazing country.

The photo above was taken in France, in 2015.

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