Can you Bring your Camera

As a few people know I like taking photos, I find I’m being asked frequently to bring my camera along to functions of various kinds. To be honest, I don’t mind at all as it’s great practice and as I’m not being paid for these gigs, I don’t feel any responsibility to deliver award-winning images. But it struck me as curious – how many professionals get asked to “help out” in the way a photographer does? And do ‘proper’ photographers get asked too? Certainly a dentist wouldn’t be asked to bring his instruments along to a function!

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been asked to take photos for two Art Exhibitions, for an opera about William Buckley (the escaped convict) which is being staged in Rosebud next year, and today I was asked to take photos at the Remembrance service at Sorrento. They have all been very enjoyable experiences and I haven’t had any disasters so far!

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