The first man – dale rogers, the photographer

So who are the nine men? I thought I would introduce them to you – up first is Dale Rogers, photographer:

I met Dale several years ago when we were on holiday at Phillip Island in summer and I searched for photography workshops. Up came Dale’s photography business – Photo Rangers.

Since then I have spent many happy times photographing with Dale – usually on workshops with others but also on my own at times. On one occasion we travelled to Wilson’s Prom and Ian came too.

Photographing with Dale invariably means an adventure, battling the elements, being blown off my feet in gale force winds (as well as getting them soaked), and losing several hats; all this while being immersed in nature and having a lot of fun. 

Dale makes a point of teaching people about the wildlife on the island – seeing millions of shearwaters return to their burrows at night is a magical experience. He cares about them and teaches visitors to know not to disturb their burrows. Wallabies are counted among his friends – it’s the only time I have been able to photograph these beautiful creatures at close range. 

I’ve also photographed in stunning places, thanks to Dale. 

Dale’s story in Nine Men:Nine Lives tells of his early years growing up in a close family in Texas, where shooting deer and elk was just something men did. An extraordinary turning point occurred when Dale decided one day, as he waited for a deer to appear, that he would prefer to photograph it rather than shoot it. And the rest is history!

I am very honoured to have Dale as one of the nine men in my exhibition.

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