The sixth man – JOHN BREDL, THE ARTIST

The sixth man I would like to introduce is John Bredl, the Artist. 

John would be known to many for his stunning landscape paintings; each year he has an exhibition in Sorrento at the Sorrento Activity Centre.

John was the second of four boys. His father came to Australia from Austria and founded an animal and reptile sanctuary in Renmark, South Australia. John’s father was obsessed with reptiles and was bitten numerous times by snakes. John and his three brothers spent their childhood chasing and capturing snakes and lizards for the sanctuary.

John took a different path. He thought he was the black sheep in the family. While he hated the animal farm, he discovered a passion for the bush and nature. He saw something very special in the landscape and fell in love with it. From an early age he was captivated by the vast expanse of the landscape of his childhood.

Out of this grew John’s interest in painting. Nowadays he is a very successful painter, and has sold his work overseas as well as locally. He has won many awards for his work.

John’s story in Nine Men: Nine Lives tells of his childhood and the influence his father had on him growing up, an influence that determined his commitment to his painting.

I am honoured to have John as one of the nine men in my exhibition.

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