The third man I would like to introduce is Jeff McGrath, The Ex-Minister. 

Jeff was one of the instigators for my exhibition, as I knew his story and was interested in writing it for myself, as well as for him. 

A chance event when he was a young teenager led to Jeff joining the church; over time he become deeply involved in church life and remained committed for many years. (Prior to this event, Jeff was a typical teenager, drinking and partying on weekends).

By the time I talked to Jeff about his involvement in the church and the dramatic way he was forced to leave, over twenty years had gone by. Deep down Jeff had always known he would need to review that period in his life. It was an emotional experience for him, but also a therapeutic one, thankfully.

While Jeff was speaking, I took just one photo of him,(having warned him beforehand that I might do so). The photo reveals the emotion he felt talking about that time in his life, even though two decades had gone by.

I am honoured to have Jeff as one of the nine men in my exhibition.

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