A Baby Magpie – my companion in isolation

I spent the first period of lockdown heading to the beach early to catch the sunrise but this time the sun is up before me. Instead I’ve spent many happy hours photographing a baby magpie who appeared on our balcony in early September, and has spent long hours with me every day. It’s my first experience of hanging out with a baby bird, and it’s great to have a model to photograph. One morning the wind was blowing hard and her soft feathers looked like a ballerina’s tutu! She’s very obliging too – she entertains me with her wonderful singing and warbling, in appreciation of a few sunflower seeds; and she likes to stand on one leg, tucking the other up under her feathers. She got caught in a heavy downpour one day and spent hours grooming every bit of her body until she was satisfied. I’m very happy to have a baby magpie in my bubble!

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