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The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey addresses the main issues that generally prompt people to seek counselling, such as anxiety, depression and addiction. Usually they have struggled with their difficulties for a long time before looking for some form of help. Who wants to admit they are not coping and that they need to pay someone to help them?

It is the story of 35 people who sought counselling with me – men and women, from teenagers to seventy year olds, who were brave enough to face their demons.

The book explores the struggle these brave men and women went through to take control over their lives – to change the path they were on for a healthier way of living. It is their demons that are explored in counselling sessions.

What surprised me when I first began as a counsellor was that underneath the presenting issue – anxiety, depression, loneliness and fear, is the effect of treatment received in childhood from parents, grandparents, teachers and carers.

These 35 people could be anyone – your siblings, your friends, your colleagues, even you yourself. Because the problems that brought them to counselling are common to many of us.

“When you read this book, you will be struck by the resilience of the human spirit as men and women face relationship, health, career and financial battles. You’ll feel energized and encouraged every time you pick up this book. There are lessons in these pages for all of us”.
Pat Watts
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peninsula photos

A glossy 22-page book of photos, showcasing the stunning beauty of the Mornington Peninsula.

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